What is the Greatest Barrier to Successful Business Process Change


In today’s competitive environment, achieving successful business process change is crucial. It’s the cornerstone for organizational agility and sustained success. However, enacting successful business process change is notoriously difficult, with reported failure rates as high as 70%. These obstacles, whether internal or external, can significantly impede organizational change. Research shows that resistance to change is the … Read more

What Are Strategic Alternatives in a Business Plan for 2023? 


Clear objectives and a strong company strategy are necessary for navigating the commercial world. Analyzing strategic options is essential. These many strategies aid in a company’s achievement of its objectives. They are crucial to effective strategic management and planning because they create a foundation for stakeholder satisfaction and competitive advantage. In this journey, we will … Read more

What Is the Future of Business Intelligence? A 2023 Outlook!


As we go towards 2023, navigating the constantly changing business intelligence (BI) landscape will become even more important. In the future Business intelligence will offer more than simply interactive dashboards as real-time data analytics and AI dramatically change the BI industry. A large portion of the change that is about to start will include automated … Read more

What Is the Plural of Business? Is it “Businesses” or “Business’s”?


Communication is essential in the hectic world of business. When you are in the business world, getting your message across clearly is everything. Sending that important email, pitching to investors, or reporting analytics – how you phrase things matters big time. Now, you have likely used the word “business” a million times without thinking about … Read more

What is a Remote Closing Business? Why is It Important in 2023?

What is a Remote Closing Business?

Imagine finalizing real estate deals from anywhere in the world. With remote closing, physical presence is no longer required. As a remote closer, you can facilitate transactions online using e-signature and video conferencing tools like Zoom and Google Meet from the comfort of your home. This guide covers everything about this futuristic sales role. We will … Read more